For us , there is
only one kind of bread : the good, the true and the authentic!

Bread is the first product you notice on a good table.

If it looks beautiful and is good, you won’t worry about the quality of the ingredients and courses which will be served. For us, there is only one kind of bread :  good,  true and authentic.

The one which is made traditionally and according to the rules of  natural fermentation.

The crust is crusty, the inside is soft, pleasant to chew, with extraordinary flavors and tastes.

We do not cut corners, we make our bread traditionally!

The dough must be sufficiently moist, it is important because the balance of
the bread depends on the link between water and flour

A dough too moist gives a rubber crust, a too dry dough gives a bread which is a bread made with a wrong process, because the balance between the water, the starch and the gluten is not right.

is everything !

We have a slow kneading in order to not blanch the crumb of the bread and to allow the flavours to rise.

Our fermentations are made at a room temperature, because it is at this stage the tastes is given.

Our cycles are slow and natural, we do not stop or pospone the fermentation. Our soudough is soft and the yeast content is 10 times less than the one used by the modern bakery.

Our only compromises to the modernity is the part baking and the freezing technic. This way of working allow us to work with no stress, because we do not have the time or the organisation pressures. It is a Slow Baking production.

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