Organic and sustainably developed.

You reap what you sow.

Pains & Tradition began working on products made with organic ingredients very early on. That’s why, for many years, we have offered a range of organic artisanal bread rolls, baguettes and loaves.

Sourced from four countries (France, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium), our flours and our grains are completely European with one exception; the golden flaxseed which comes from Kazakhstan.

We pay particular attention not only to the quality of our ingredients, but also to the producers and how they work.

Because the two key elements of our business are the flour and the know-how at the Kircher d’Ebersheim mill in Alsace, we have created a strong relationship with the farmers there. Based on trust and the constant search for quality, we work together and share our knowledge about crop varieties, for example.

This is how Pains & Tradition are able to continue to work with exceptional, increasingly rare varieties of flour. Fundamental work which is an ongoing task, in-keeping with tradition.

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