The management team

Jean Kircher

Function: President and CEO

Qualification: Miller et Baker

I created Pains & Tradition in: 1999

For me, good bread means:

“Fair and clean. Fair in its manufacturing, which respects man and nature, and clean in its composition. “

Nicolas Schroeder

Function: General manager

Qualification: Bakery & Pastry master certificate

I work at Pains & Tradition since: August 2001

For me, good bread means:

A noble food, which must have taste, degage fantastic smells, crispy, inviting the sharing and conviviality


Function: Sales Director

Phone: +32 471 281 155


For me, good bread means:

A reason to share a beautiful moment with friends. It must have a good taste, a soft crumb and a recognizable crunch. The perfect company for a delicious plate of cheese (unpasteurized) and a beautiful bottle of wine (produced through natural fermentation). The beginning of a sublime culinary experience.


Function: Quality manager

Qualification: Technical Engineer, Diploma in agribusiness and food quality

I work at Pains & Tradition since: Novembre 2008

For me, good bread means:

“First of all a moment of pleasure, a food that we share and that can accompany any kind of dish, from traditional to more refined. So there must be a guarantee of quality from both an organoleptic point of view and with regard to health. That is why I work every day to a quality approach that guarantees the respect of these fundamental principles for our customers. “

Nicolas Kircher

Function: R&D & production manager

Qualification: Cap en boulangerie

I work at Pains & Tradition since: Janvier 1997

For me, good bread means:

A product taste, creamed colour crumb, a crispy crust and, once in the mouth, takes us into a magical universe: that of gluttony … .

Yannick Schaeffer

Function: Packaging and logistics manager

Qualification: Certificated Baker

I work at Pains & Tradition since: Octobre 2001

For me, good bread means:

“Wisdom, a selection of ingredients chosen with care, a pleasure to savour. “

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